Walk-In Door Option

Walk-In Door Option

A.R.E. Walk-In Door Series Caps

Effortless access to the bed of your truck. The Walk-In Door option is unique to A.R.E. customers. The only full door option on the market provides easy access to the bed of your truck plus better line-of-sight for users who pull trailers of any kind.

Walk-In Door Series Truck Cap Features & Options

  • An A.R.E. Exclusive, our full Fiberglass Walk in Door is available for most MX Series and CX Series model truck caps.
  • Full Hatch Door – To install the Walk in Door, the tailgate of the truck must be removed. This allows easier access to the truck bed when the door is fully opened.
  • Increased Visibility – When closed, the centered glass access door provides great rear mirror visibility, which is especially helpful for those hauling boats or trailers of any kind.
  • Glass Access Door – The centered glass access door makes it easy to load and access smaller items.
  • Ideal For Camping – Outdoorsman and families often use this truck cap / walk in door combination for camping.

Note: Not all options are available for all trucks.
A.R.E. maintains the right to add, delete or change suppliers and/or designs of options when necessary to maintain or improve the overall quality without written notice.
* Cannot guarantee watertight seal.
*** Not available for all pickup truck models.

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