LED Bed Lights

LED Bed Lights

ACCESS® Truck Bed LED Light – Lights Up Dark Areas

The ACCESS® Truck Bed Light installs quick and easy. Just cut, peel & stick the LED lights where you want them. Attached the LED light strip with the super strong 3M adhesive, and easily attach them to your power source with only two wires. The built in on/off switch allows for LED lights to be turned on and off wherever you choose to have the truck bed light.

Use the LED lights anywhere a 12 volt power source is located

Our completely waterproof LED light strip can be used anywhere there is a 12 volt power source. Trying to find something in a dark truck bed could sometimes be really challenging, but with our LED lights you will get light you need in the back of your pickup truck. Use our ACCESS® Truck Bed LED Light to light up dark areas in boats, your SUV, fish houses, campers or anywhere a 12 volt power source is located. Choose between our four convenient sizes for a variety of auto, marine & recreational uses.

Get instant light with the push of a button! ACCESS® LED Lights are waterproof and have tough 3M adhesive that bonds to nearly any surface. Simply connect to any 12 volt power source to get bright, energy-efficient light. ACCESS® LED lights are available in four sizes for auto, marine, and recreational use.

  • Four sizes 12”, 24″, 39” & 60”
  • Completely Waterproof
  • Trouble Free Installation
  • Built-in On/Off Switch
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